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ACO Cablemate

ACO Cablemate

ACO is New Zealand and Australia’s foremost manufacturer of trafficable cable pits and continuous surface ducting systems for the electrical, communications and construction industries.

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The Range

  • Rigid, strong polymer concrete pits
  • Flexible, light duty, moulded plastic pits
  • Continuous linear surface ducting systems
  • Full range of lids and access covers
  • Other associated products and accessories

The Benefits

  • Product solutions for all load classes
  • The industry’s largest range of lids and access covers including anti-slip varieties
  • Patented PowerLok® lids offer a choice of standard or high level security, without protruding locking bar encroaching into pit space
  • OH&S friendly galvanised steel lids less than 25kg
  • Purpose designed pit bodies manufactured from materials with excellent insulation (electrical resistivity)
  • Full range of site accessories to ensure trouble free installation
  • Product range supported by established technical advisory service to ensure correct product selection and installation advice

Polycrete® Pits

Excellent insulation properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical resistance and zero water absorption, makes them ideal as electrical and communications enclosures.

Polyethylene Pits

Recommended for light duty applications, they are robust, cost-effective and versatile. Plastic Pits are available with a wide range of lids and access covers to Class B (AS 3996).

Polymer Concrete Ducting

Light and heavy duty removable cover cable ducting systems. Available in 100mm, 200mm and 300mm widths consisting of one metre length channels that are assembled to produce continuous runs. Covers are available in polymer concrete, steel and ductile iron to suit every application up to Class G (AS 3996).

SCEC / PITLOK approved pits

ACO PITLOK® comprises a system of compatible enclosure components to produce a SCEC SL1 rated enclosure.

Earth Rod Pits

The cable pit shall be ACO Earth Rod Pit – concrete pit with hinged steel * / polymer concrete* lid as supplied by ACO Limited or equal approved.


EzyBrixx™ is a modular, rigid (twin wall) plastic block system that may be used to create a pit of almost any size.

SIT Pits

The Series Isolation Transformer (SIT) pit used for airfield runway lighting comprises a polymer concrete pit and collar with a galvanised lid. A polymer concrete stand is also available to support the series isolation transformer above the base of the pit.


Polycrete® Pits

Polycrete®Pits PDF DWG
Type 8 PDF DWG
Type 33 PDF DWG
Type 45 PDF DWG
Type 52 PDF DWG
Type 63 PDF DWG
Type 66 PDF DWG
Type 66 H PDF DWG
Type 95 PDF DWG
Type 96 PDF DWG
Type 99 PDF DWG
Polycrete® Risers DWG
Type 8 DWG
Type 33 DWG
Type 45 DWG
Type 66 DWG
Type 66H DWG
Type 95 DWG
Type 96 DWG
Type 99 DWG
Type 99 DWG
Polycrete® Pits RFA
Type 8 RFA
Type 33 RFA
Type 45 RFA
Type 52 RFA
Type 63 RFA
Type 66 RFA
Type 66 H RFA
Type 95 RFA
Type 96 RFA
Type 99 RFA


Polycrete® Risers RFA
Type 8 RFA
Type 33 RFA
Type 45 RFA
Type 66 RFA
Type 66 H RFA
Type 95 RFA
Type 96 RFA
Type 99 RFA
Description Nominal Wheel Load (kg) Cover Type PDF DWG
Polycrete® Pit 330 Lid PDF DWG
2670 Lid PDF DWG
2670 Cover & frame PDF DWG
5000 Lid PDF DWG
5000 Cover & frame PDF DWG
8000 Cover & frame PDF DWG
30000 Cover & frame PDF DWG


Polymer Concrete Ducting

Description Nominal Wheel Load (kg) Application PDF DWG
CD Series 330 Asphalt PDF DWG
330 Concrete PDF DWG
330 Grass PDF DWG
330 Pavers PDF DWG
2670 Asphalt PDF DWG
2670 Concrete PDF DWG
2670 Grass PDF DWG
2670 Pavers PDF DWG
CS Series 8000 Asphalt PDF DWG
8000 Concrete PDF DWG
8000 Pavers PDF DWG
> 8000 Ashphalt PDF DWG
> 8000 Concrete PDF DWG
> 8000 Pavers PDF DWG


SCEC / PITLOK approved pits

J5P – full body DWG revit
J5P – split body DWG revit
J600P – full body DWG revit
J600P – split body DWG revit
J8P – full body DWG revit
J8P – split body DWG revit
J10P – full body DWG revit
J10P – split body DWG revit
J1000P – full body DWG revit
J1000P – split body DWG revit
J1000HP – split body DWG revit
J1500HP – split body DWG revit
Plinth1000HP-10 (1400 x 1400mm) DWG revit
Plinth1000HP-15 (1760 x 1760mm) DWG revit
PlinthP4 – concrete plinth DWG revit
PlinthP5 – concrete plinth DWG revit
PlinthP6/8 – concrete plinth DWG revit
Plinth800P – concrete plinth DWG revit