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ACO KerbDrain

ACO KerbDrain

KerbDrain transforms kerbs into continuous inlet structures with minimal excavation. KerbDrain combines the benefits of Polycreteregistration markChannels with a robust single piece construction comprising an integrally-cast channel and kerb with inlets for continuous drainage. The underlying channel transfers captured flow direct to the stormwater system.

A modular system is also available to cater for layouts in streetscapes and carpark applications where level access for pedestrians and vehicles is required.

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KerbDrain – Downloads

System (AS 3996) Pavers 1
pavers to edge
Pavers 2
haunch to top
Asphalt 1
sloped haunch
Asphalt 2
haunch to top
haunch to top
QK100 (Load Class D)
QK200SM (Load Class D)
QK200B (Load Class D)
HB200 (Load Class D)

Road drainage system comparison

There are several ways in capturing the runoff from roads with different costs implications. The following is a comparison of the installed costs between three road drainage scenarios. This comparison is based on a 100m length of road which is relatively flat with a sag (low) point located centrally. 

View results in the PDF below:

Road drainage comparison


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