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ACO ThresholdDrain

ACO ThresholdDrain

ACO provides a wide range of product offerings designed for use in level entry thresholds and façade drainage, where compliance with NZBC Building Code E2/AS1 is required. An Alternative Solution, falling under NZBC E1 can also be presented with full technical support.

A variety of products are available to suit a range of applications, joinery details and site requirements.

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Product range features & benefits

  • Designed to fully comply to all requirements of NZBC Building Code E2/AS1
  • All joinery details can be accommodated
  • Alternative Solutions under NZBC E2/AS1 available
  • Wide range of HeelSafe® Anti-Slip grates for all finishes
  • Galvanised and Stainless Steel options available


  • Level entry thresholds
  • Educational facilities
  • Commercial and retail buildings
  • Heavy loading areas
  • Outdoor decks
  • Entertaining areas

Cantilever Original

ACO ThresholdDrain Cantilever is an innovative design that achieves full compliance with the NZBC Building Code E2/AS1, while minimising visual impact. The cantilever design gives full 200mm width to the channel, while only allowing 93mm to be visible at the finished surface. This can also be adapted to a variety of trench widths and joinery finishes.

OnePour simple solution

ACO ThresholdDrain OnePour allows a simple installation with a bolted bracket anchoring into the external concrete slab, achieving full compliance with the NZBC Building Code E2/AS1. Its unique design requires only one concrete pour for complete installation, and is customisable to project requirements. The full range of KlassikDrain K100/KS100 grates sit on top for continuity across a project.

E1 Alternative Solutions

An Alternative Solution, falling under NZBC Building Code E1, can be offered where use of ACO’s E2/AS1 compliant products is not suitable. Typically this occurs in installations with flush finish joinery, where a contractor wants to use a precast channel, or where a vehicle trafficked finish is required.

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Technical support

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