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ACO Infrastructure

ACO Infrastructure

ACO Infrastructure is the market leading brand for trench drainage in transportation infrastructure applications. ACO’s systems consist of factory manufactured channel units made from corrosion resistant durable materials designed to withstand the most challenging environments. This makes them ideal for diverse Australian climates and durable in all seasons. ACO Infrastructure comprises a number of systems and comes complete with either non-removable or removable lockable grates.

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Transforming Roads with ACO Infrastructure

ACO Monoblock

Monoblock is designed to address the drainage demands of heavy duty areas in fast moving traffic. It combines the benefits of PolycreteRegistration mark Channels with a robust single piece construction

ACO Qmax

Qmax is a slot drainage system for applications consisting of small to large catchment areas. Bodies are manufactured from polyethylene (PE) ensuring the system is lightweight and robust.

ACO KerbDrain

KerbDrain transforms kerbs into continuous inlet structures with minimal excavation. KerbDrain combines the benefits of Polycreteregistration mark Channels with a robust single piece construction.

ACO TramDrain

TramDrain is designed to provide efficient surface water drainage to the grooved rail and track slab.

ACO TraffikDrain

TraffikDrain combines the benefits of PolycreteRegistration markChannels with a choice of purpose designed grates to minimise ponding and other dangers for road users.