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ACO Polymer Concrete Ducting

Polymer Concrete Ducting

ACO offers light and heavy duty removable cover cable ducting systems. Both are available in 100mm, 200mm and 300mm widths and consist of one metre length channels that are assembled to produce continuous runs. Covers are available in polymer concrete, steel and ductile iron to suit every application up to Class G (AS 3996).

Cast in situ concrete runs (typically cable trunking systems intended for larger cables etc.) can be covered with trench run multipart access covers available for all load classes to Class G (AS 3996). Contact ACO for details.

  • The CD series is ACO’s light duty cable ducting system.
  • The CS series is ACO’s heavy duty cable ducting system.


  • Manufactured from lightweight, strong, durable polymer concrete
  • Excellent insulation properties – electrical resistivity rating of 1×108 Ω/sq. (identical
    to concrete without steel reinforcing)
  • Variety of cover options
  • Modular interlocking male and female channel joints
  • Continuous and unobstructed access when covers removed
  • OH&S friendly covers less than 25kg
  • IP ratings up to IP4X ((AS 60529)) – enclosure protection against ingress
  • Steel covers are hot dip galvanised to AS 4680
  • Cost effective and easy installation




  • Exhibition centres
  • Sporting & Entertainment venues
  • Communications, electrical and air infrastructure
  • Petrol stations
  • Railway stations
  • Industrial sites