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ACO Earth Rod Pits & Accessories

Earth Rod Pits & Accessories

The cable pit shall be ACO Earth Rod Pit – concrete pit with hinged steel * / polymer concrete* lid as supplied by
ACO Limited. or equal approved. Materials The pit body shall be manufactured from polymer concrete with:
Electrical resistivity 1 x 108 Ω /sq
Compressive strength: 96MPa
Flexural strength: 27MPa
Water absorption 0.07%
Frost proof
Salt proof
Dilute acid and alkali resistant
Surface burn characteristics of the
material shall comply with UL 723
The nominal clear opening shall be
176mm x 176mm. Units shall be
manufactured with a clear depth of
The pit shall be covered with a locking,
hinged steel* / polymer concrete* lid.
The pit shall be installed in accordance
with the manufacturer’s installation
instructions and recommendations.